Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: Benefits of Semi-Retirement

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a semi-retired businessman with decades of experience in dentistry and over a decade in investing. He’s an active trader on the stock market and he enjoys studying history or spending time with his family when he isn’t working.

If you’re trying to choose between full retirement and semi-retirement, benefits like these might convince you to follow Dr. Leslie Griesdorf’s lead and go for the latter:

  • Mental Health

Retirement can quickly lead to boredom, loneliness, a decreased sense of purpose and inactivity. In semi-retired life, though, you’re staving off all of the above by working part-time while still taking full advantage of a more open schedule.

Leslie Griesdorf

  • Extra Funds

Retirement demands frugality to make your money last, and it often causes financial stress. Working part-time will bring in extra funds to reduce how much you need to worry about your wealth so you can fully enjoy your new lifestyle.



  • Keep Learning

The longer you keep learning, the better your life will be in later years. By taking up a mentally-stimulating career like Dr. Leslie Griesdorf did with investing, you’ll keep your brain healthy for what could be decades longer than you would in full retirement.



Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: How to Start Saving for Retirement

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf has been enjoying semi-retirement and trading in the stock market since 2004, when he left his decades-long career as a dental surgeon. He’s become a self-taught financial specialist who leads a relaxed life and offers wealth advice to those close to him whenever they ask.

If you hope to enjoy retirement as much as Dr. Leslie Griesdorf, start saving now. The tips below will point you in the right direction:

  • Ask Your Employer

If you haven’t already, ask your employer about retirement plans and take full advantage of anything offered. This won’t apply to everyone, but it’s an excellent option for those who have it.

  • Set Up Your Own Account

If your employer doesn’t offer retirement plans, or if you work for yourself, set up your own account through a trustworthy organization. Speak with a financial advisor to find the best option for you and save as much as you’re allowed each year.

  • Follow a Budget

Design a budget to curb any overspending habits you might have and put as much money into savings as possible. Financial specialists like Dr. Leslie Griesdorf almost always follow a budget for this very reason.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf: How to Start Saving Money

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf retired from his career as a dental surgeon to become an investment professional in 2004. He’s since become an active trader on the stock market and the go-to for any financial questions that his friends or family might have. Without saving money beforehand, though, Dr. Griesdorf wouldn’t be where he is today.

Tips like these can help you save money now so you can enjoy a relaxing semi-retired life like Dr. Leslie Griesdorf later:

Don’t Change a Thing
For the first month, don’t change a thing about your spending, but save every receipt and log every purchase. At the end of the month, look at where your money is going. This alone is often motivation for people to stop extraneous expenses. Use it to identify things you don’t need to spend money on.

Draft a Plan
With your month’s spending report in hand, complete with identified areas where you can save, draft a plan. People like Dr. Leslie Griesdorf follow budgets because it helps them save money, and you should too. Give yourself a modest allowance for extraneous expenses and put every dollar you save in a saving’s account.

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