Dr. Leslie Griesdorf – The Importance of Proper Exercise

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a retired health professional who practiced in the field of oral surgery and dentistry. Leslie Griesdorf retired from his successful career in 2004, after spending a number of years successfully helping his patients. He operated his own private practice in Toronto, Canada before selling it to a former classmate of his from dental school. Being interested in the world of health, he has made it a point to get regular exercise, at least four times a week. Leslie Griesdorf trains at reputable karate school where he has reached the coveted rank of brown belt. He understands that exercise and good health will keep him around for the foreseeable future.

Dr Leslie Griesdorf

Regular exercise is extremely important, especially now when food is served as fast as possible and most professional work is done from behind a desk. Not only will proper exercise ensure that your life is lived to its fullest extent, but it will also help your overall attitude become more positive and uplifting. The brain naturally craves physical exercise and releases chemicals that help alleviate the effects of stress on the body while making you feel good. Cardiovascular exercise is probably the most important field of exercise because it strengthens the most important muscle in the body: the heart. Studies show that exercises like running, swimming, or any other cardiovascular work out can have a major impact on the body in a positive way.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf enjoys working out as much as he possibly can. He wants to make sure that he is around for the major events in his family’s lives, and exercising regularly helps him achieve that goal. He takes his health very seriously, especially as he gets older, in order to keep his body and his mind working at their fullest potential.


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