With the summer comes sunny and enjoyable weather that many people choose to delight in at the beach. Other than the fun of swimming in the water, the beachside environment is relaxing to the senses and the mind. When you’re used to the craze and noise of the city, the beach can be a welcome environment that puts the mind at ease. Leslie Griesdorf, a retired dentist, shares some of the reasons you should plan a beach getaway soon.
Dr Leslie GriesdorfFresh air
Forget the gas and toxic fumes that abound in the city, the beach is an open environment that aids easy breathing. This is because negative ions present in the water help recharge your body and improve your system. Every lungful of air at the beach ensures your body feels better and rejuvenated.

Gazing at the waves crashing on the shore is therapeutic and relaxing to the mind. The movement of the waves is also hypnotic, so that it’s easy to relax and fall asleep when you spend time on the beach. Additionally, the feeling of sand between your toes stimulates the nerve endings and helps you relax.

Vitamin D
Exposure to the sun is good for your health as the sun causes the body to produce vitamin D, which aids bone strength and development. While too much exposure can be harmful, be sure to carry sunscreen to protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Whenever he’s not trading in stocks, Dr. Leslie Griesdorf likes to spend time at the beach with his family.

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