If you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it’s essential to go beyond brushing and flossing your teeth. Regular dental visits are necessary, and should be scheduled at intervals, like every four months. Through regular visits, the dentist can address any potential issues before they become full-blown emergencies. Former dentist Dr. Leslie Griesdorf encourages patients to schedule regular appointments for the following reasons.

Dr Leslie GriesdorfOral examination

The purpose of an oral exam is to check your teeth for any decay or indications of disease. The checkup also includes an examination of the gums to ensure there aren’t any issues that can cause gum disease.


Once the dentist is done with an oral examination, they will check the teeth and perform cleaning to remove any tartar or plaque. Because a toothbrush might not reach all areas of the teeth, dental cleaning removes any plaque buildup that often causes decay. The dentist will then complete cleaning by polishing and running dental floss through the teeth spaces.


Should the dentist come across any issues like cavities, he/she will fill them. Filling ensures that these cavities don’t persist to become complicated issues that require complex procedures like root canal or tooth extraction.

Oral hygiene education

With much of the checkup done, the dentist will want to review your oral hygiene techniques. He/she will make recommendations based on his assessment and give advice on how you can maintain good oral health and the types of foods to avoid.

Dr. Leslie Griesdorf is a former dentist who resides in Ontario. He likes to spend time with family and engages in car repairs.

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