When you call time on your job and decide to retire, you might be at odds over what to do with your life. Work and family may have been the only things you’ve known for a while, and so it’s time to shift gears. What’s certain is that you want to enjoy life after working hard. That is why you need to be healthy and have a host of activities lined up to make this time special. Leslie Griesdorf, who retired as a dentist in 2004, has some experience in life after retirement.

Dr Leslie Griesdorf
Dr Leslie Griesdorf

Make good use of your knowledge/skills

While you don’t want to go back to the 8-5 lifestyle, it’s important to remain productive in retirement. Many retirees take this time to work on goals that are big picture type goals, which usually means being a volunteer or working part time. A retired financial executive can assist the church raise funds, a magazine editor can teach English at the community college, while an administrative executive can serve on the local school board.


Many retirees look forward to traveling when they retire. Indeed, seeing the world helps lower stress levels, exposes them to cultures, and improves their outlook on life. While health issues can get in the way of long travel, it is important to take the time and see new places.

Trying new things

When it comes to enjoying retirement, it’s not always about staying productive as much as it is about doing the things you enjoy. Life after retirement might be the best time to do the things that bring a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment in your life.

Since retiring, Dr. Leslie Griesdorf has more time to trade in stocks, dine out with family, and catch up on America’s history through the History Channel.

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