Getting into Shape – Weight Worry

For many people engaged in an exercise program or weight-loss regimen, a big part of their day includes stepping on to the scale. The reason that this can be problematic, however, is because often the weight of your body is a poor indication of your muscle to fat ratio.

In fact, muscle weighs much more than fat, so it is more than possible for you to end up weighing more than you originally did at the start of your fitness program. This is not indicative of being out of shape, or that your program isn’t working. It only means that you are losing fat and replacing it with heavier and denser muscle tissue. Often people fail in their exercise program because they step on to the scale and see a lack of progress, which makes them lose motivation and eventually, just stop working out altogether. This is foolish because many different factors can effect what you see when you step on the scale.

Things like how much fluid you are drinking, how much you have sweat, and your fat to muscle ratio can change your weight on the scale. The important thing to remember is that it is not how much you weigh that determines your fitness level, but how much you can perform and how much stronger you have become. That is why it is always better to gauge your progress by noting how much more weight you can lift, or how much longer you can hit the treadmill.

Dr Leslie Griesdorf is a professional dentist who also works out four times a week to stay in good shape and general health.