Dentistry – Various Treatments

Dentistry is a science and discipline that mostly covers issues related to the oral cavity, including not just the teeth, but the soft tissues within. Many oral diseases exist that have plagued the population since the beginning of time. In fact, dental disease and disorders are known to occur very frequently, and all across the globe.

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These issues are even more common in poor countries that are not so socio-economically fortunate as Western countries where there is less availability to dental professionals, as well as a lack of education on proper oral maintenance and hygiene.

Most dental treatments are carried out with the purpose of preventing or treating either tooth decay, or gum disease. They are the most common issues that arise, as well as the most concerning when it comes to overall health of the patient. Many common treatments for teeth include surgical extraction of damaged teeth, as well as scaling and root planing, and root canals. Most of these are done when a tooth has been damaged beyond repair or sustained an infection or decay that has killed the tooth and is causing nerve damage underneath.

In the United States, dentists are required to take at least three years of an undergraduate study in college, though most complete an entire bachelor’s degree. Commonly, this general education is followed by an additional four years of study to be considered a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dentists must acquire additional schooling for things like implants, certain surgeries, and patient sedation.

Leslie Griesdorf  is a retired dentist who has performed many procedures over the course of his career.